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THE KUNUNNURA PROJECT : Social Justice Initiatives aimed at the Indigenous Youth of WA

As published in the 153 (Aug 2015) edition of the Bond University CLSA Law Review.

The Kununurra Project is a Bond University student led initiative that works with indigenous youth in the remote Kimberly region of Kununurra in Western Australia. The Kununurra Project is run in conjunction with Save the Children, one of the world’s oldest and largest international not for profit organisations.

Adrian shared his experience with the CLSA upon successfully completing this trip as one of the handful non-Australians to have ever been selected for the Project since its inception. Representing Canada while volunteering in a remote rural community has added immensely to Adrian's community experience, while developing a deeper understanding of Australian history and its indigenous roots.

“The problems and challenges faced by the aboriginal population here unfortunately, are not much different from back home in Canada”, says Adrian, who developed close relations with the community of Kununurra while getting a closer look “behind the scenes” into the harsh realities of the Criminal Justice system, working closely with the Western Australia Police.

Here is a day in the life of Adrian, which encompasses conditioning himself to enjoy vegemite, domestic disturbances, pre-teen smoking and the Canadian accent, in a very candid narrative:


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