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A.J. Carter admitted to the legal profession

The Supreme Court of Queensland, Brisbane

A.J. Carter, Lawyer

Adrian J. Carter was admitted to the legal profession as a lawyer by the Supreme Court of Queensland at a ceremony held in Brisbane at 12:45pm today.

Queensland Solicitor and colleague Aryanna Zelei moved Adrian's nomination.

A.J. Carter admitted as a Lawyer

At the ceremony, Adrian took the Oath of Allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as lawful sovereign of Australia. He also took the Oath of Office in his capacity as an Officer of the Court and signed the Roll of Australian Lawyers.

Adrian has a BA in Justice Studies from Royal Roads University, Canada. He went on to graduate from Bond University, Gold Coast, with a Juris Doctor and a PG Diploma in Legal Practice.

Adrian was joined by family and colleagues who attended the Supreme Court for his admission hearing.


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